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Hunting base of Yashozero is located 80 km from Petrozavodsk (530 km from Saint-Petersburg) on the coast of a small lake.

On the other side there is a ruined monastery. The base consists of 2 identical stove-heated guest-houses. On the first floor there are 2 rooms with 1 bed, on the second floor there are 3 beds and a hall with a stove. Houses are clean. The third house is for staff. There is a dining-house, 2 Bath-houses (one po-chornomu, the other one po-belomu). The toilet is outside. Houses are clean inside and outside. Electricity is supplied by a generator. Food is simple but of high quality.

In spring hunting on duck, woodcock, wood-grouse is possible. Extra payment for trophy. Period from April, 20 to May, 12 (depends on weather). In autumn and winter hunting with a setter is long-range as there are lots of woodcocks in period from September,5 to the beginning of October (depends on weather). We can also organize hunting on hare with setters (end of September — beginning of December). You can hunt on elk during chasing in September (1—30) and in forcing from November, 1 to January. Hunting on bear in spring and autumn can be organized.